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Loop Boot - Army Camo

Loop Boot - Army Camo

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Mucky Wear was created at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City Utah. Mucky Wear also works hand in hand with local charities, children's hospitals, and local artists, and designers from New York. Mucky Wear gear is built to ensure that children will have the opportunity to get out and explore, no matter the conditions. Sometimes the best bugs, coolest rocks, or perfect puddles are just on the other side of the stream or mudhole. With Mucky Wear, you can keep all the muck outside while keeping your childrens feet comfortable and clean.

100% For Kids | Imported | Premium Polyvinyl | Printed & Water Proof

LIGHTWEIGHT FUN PATTERNS | Our waterproof printed design with easy-to-use handles are made of a blend of rubber and plastic which is more durable, lightweight, and waterproof.
SNUG AND WARM | For all types of wet and rainy weather. The vulcanized polyvinyl material is lightweight and perfect for walking and running.

EASY LOOP HANDLES | Children are rough on boots and need easy to use handles to for simple fitting. Our easy loop handles are embedded at the top. Making them comfortable and easy to wear and easy to wash.

SAFETY FEATURE | The stylized patterns are printed on vulcanized anti - scratch rubber that provides strength at the seams and perfectly safe to clean with a soft cloth dipped in mild detergent. The outsoles provide more traction on slippery surfaces and keep the insides dry and safe for all types of weather.

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