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Prime Angus Gluten Free Natural BBQ Rub 24 oz

Prime Angus Gluten Free Natural BBQ Rub 24 oz

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Our prime angus rub is specially formulated for better and larger cuts of meat. The unique blend of spices will seal in the juice and natural flavors. Try it on your next roast, prime rib, huge T-Bone or rib-eye.

Warning: Big flavor for big meat. Go big or go home.

All Natural. Gluten Free. No MSG.

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Lightly coat meat surface with rub prior to cooking, smoking, or grilling. It is also excellent added to baked beans, casseroles and potato dishes. Store in a dry place. Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Salt, Black Pepper, Paprika, Spices, and Less Than 2% Silicon Dioxide and Soybean Oil to Prevent Caking. Manufactured In a Nut-Free Facility.

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